Water Dispenser Foot pedal operated hand washing machine

KSh15,000.00 KSh20,000.00


A foot operated hand washing machine designed amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This to help to help people wash their hands without the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

COVID-19 spreads rampantly and local authorities must take action to prevent further transmission, reduce the impact of the outbreak, and support control measures. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, implementing handwashing station to promote hygiene behavior effectively, Pyramid store has demonstrated different technological options including foot pedal operated handwashing Machine.

The foot pedal operated handwashing machine helps in sanitizing hands without physically touching the water tap and soapy water or other liquid soap dispensers, thereby making it least potential for contamination at public and common places usage. The station is mechanically operated by foot.

Advantages of foot pedal operated handwashing Machine over other handwashing methods

  • The foot pedal operated handwashing stations can be made inclusive for which it is user friendly to children and person with disabilities
  • As foot operated, sanitizing hands without direct physical touch to any surface make it safe for usage at common places.
  • Encourage people to do frequent handwashing due to its innovation
  • Controlled by foot pedal power for which excess water use can be minimized.
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